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“Iran Va Esraeel”


A website of polictics Historic and social issues about Iran and Israel

The goal of this website is to present a variety of articles and reports linked to Israel and Iran. The staff is comprised of experienced Israeli and Iranian personnel, some who live in Israel and others in Europe and the U.S.

During the four decades since the Islamic regime rose to power in Iran, it has embarked on a poisonous propaganda campaign against Israel of an anti- semitic nature that is also aimed at justifying the regimes slogan for Israel’s annihilation. Simultaneously, it supplies arms and financial aid to Palestinian and Iranian terror organizations.

Striving to present a neutral approach on issues linked to Iran and Israel, this website presents varied information on current affairs, life in Israel, tourist sites, science and technology, history of the Jewish people and the Holocaust.

In order to expose the anti- Semitic nature of the Iranian regime, the website presents twenty conversations related to the allegations of Holocaust deniers and their responses. This aspect is so important mainly due to the campaign of Holocaust denial that claims the Jews have slanted the facts of the Holocaust and that this in effect justifies the atrocities perpetrated by Hitler and the Nazis during World War Two.

In addition, some reports on the era of Iranian-Israeli co-operation that served their mutual interests and how a return to this former friendship would be to the mutual benefit of both peoples.

This website also includes hundreds of TV interviews conducted world-wide with Mr. Menashe Amir, who is known widely as a prominent commentator on Iranian affairs. These interviews have been screened on numerous TV networks around the world in Persian, Hebrew, English, French and Arabic. They serve as an invaluable archive for commentaries and assessments for the ongoing events since the rise to power by the Ayatollahs.

This unique website goes into operation in November 2021 and in effect is a continuation of the news website ‘ Radio Payam Esraeel that has been on air since the start of November 2017. The new website preserves a similar approach providing access to all reports and articles that appeared on the prior Radio website