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The Islamic Republic of Iran openly calls for the destruction of the State of Israel.  Also, Iran systematically disseminates vile, anti-Semitic libels in order to justify its call for the annihilation of the State of Israel, while attempting to mobilize popular support for the regime.

The clerical regime in Iran claims the mantle of Muslim leadership worldwide, and in particular, that of the Shiite sect—which it considers to be the true path of Islam. In justifying its claim, Iran boasts, it alone, is the true leader and guardian of Islam, and the legitimate supporter of the “Palestinian cause”–not only in words, but in deeds.

Tehran proudly displays its advanced weaponry and boasts about its financial aid to its network of terror proxies worldwide. The autocratic Iranian regime’s financial, military and technical support of the Palestinian “armed struggle”, along with the regime’s obsession to obtain nuclear weapons, has engendered resentment by ordinary Iranians, while the regime struggles to barely provide sustenance and daily civil services to its people.

The Islamic Republic of Iran accuses Muslim supporters of the Arab-Israeli peace talks–those who seek dialogue and tolerance between the parties, as committing treason. Iran strives to actively topple heads of Arab states who back a political solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  The Iranian people have come to reject Iran’s nefarious adventurism in the Middle-East, and its nuclear ambitions.

This has galvanized many immigrants living in Israel, as well as Muslim-Iranians around the world to unite, to express their solidarity with the Jewish State, and against the hegemonic ambitions of the Iranian regime. The Iranian people have come together to repudiate the regime’s daily dissemination of anti-Sematic and hateful propaganda, as they seek to foster friendship between the people of Iran and Israel, free from radical religious prejudice and political intolerance. They seek a relationship amongst the two people based on mutual respect and human dignity.

The clerical regime of Iran broadcasts radio and TV programs in dozens of languages totaling more than two hundred hours per day. To counter this avalanche of self-serving propaganda, our new website platform, ‘Sound of Israel’, focuses on providing accurate, fair and objective news in Farsi. We also cover a wide variety of interesting social, economic, and cultural topics pertaining to Iran.  Volunteers and supporters, both Jewish and Muslim, have created and maintain our Israel-based website, radio programming, and social media platforms. We provide daily TV broadcasts to Iran, Europe and the U.S.A.  Our news covers topics related to Iran, Israel, World Jewry and the Middle East, with reportage by Iranian expatriates from around the world.  We detail accurate accounts of daily happenings in Iran, and its freedom-loving people.

Sound of Israel is a sixty-minute, organically grown, popular daily program, which includes commentary by noted resources in variety of fields. Expert discussions include Jewish history, world history, the Shoah, military, geo-political and scientific topics. Mr. Menashe Amir, a veteran of the Iranian-Israeli relations, and an internationally recognized expert on Iran, presents commentaries and analysis on the latest developments in the Middle East.

Along with up-to-date and accurate reporting of the daily news, Sound of Israel website posts the videos of the ongoing daily life struggles of the people in Iran, whether in major cities or in villages. We post videos showing the plight of Iran’s minorities, its LBGT community, and the Iranian protest movement. The videos display the people’s exasperation with the regime for the lack of meaningful jobs, the ever-deteriorating standards of living, and the lack of upward mobility. Other videos spotlight Iranian people’s protests against the clerical regime’s brutal suppression of its people, as well as the clerical elite’s pervasive incompetence, corruption, cronyism, and public theft.

Listeners and visitors are welcome to write to us, and to express their views and opinions. We welcome all questions about any related subject matter.

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